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Bhuvas Pneumatic Bike   video
Bhuvas Pneumatic Bike
Bhuvas Pneumatic Bike
Bhuvas Pneumatic Bike

Pnuematic Bike is an Automatic Mopet in which Air is used as fuel. The vehicle modified is Bajaj Sunny. It runs by compressed air. As the air from the regulator is given to air motors it produces a rotating action. It has more efficiency because the complete energy from air is taken up by wheel. Since air is used as fuel pnematic bike is completely cost efficient and pollution free
Members: Achuth Nair, Afsal Muhamed, Arjun R.Panicker, Mathew Thomas, Kiran, Nikhil N, Areesh .M, Arun A.B, Sree Sankar, Nithin, Pramod, Arun P.Roy
Name: Bhuvas - Pneumatic Bike
College: Matha College of Technology
Department: Automobile Engineering