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 Model Blaze
 Manufacturer Kinetic
 Apprx. Price Rs. 56,800
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Kinetic Blaze is launched in a new Italian look designed by the world famous designer Leopoldo Tartarini. The Blaze shows off its Italian heritage in its intriguing lines and artistic detailing such as the pop-up split seats, Ferrari like fins in the front and sophisticated cut in body cues.

Kinetic Blaze mainly concentrates on riding comfort. It is equipped with a Telescopic Front and Twin Rear Suspension (TFTR) to cushion any kind of ups and downs on any kind of road. To maximize the rider's comfort, Blaze also has a step-up, roomy, well-padded seat with a backrest.

Blaze has the 4 Valve Double Power Engine Technology (4VDP) with a 165cc and 4-valve engine that delivers a whopping 12bhp. The maximum speed of this vehicle is 105kmph. The automatic transmission eliminates any gearshift pause resulting in linear and quick power delivery. 130mm drum brakes in front, optical disk brakes in the rear and the 1495mm wheelbase brings good stability to the vehicle. It has a ground clearance of 160mm, which is highest in its class.

The other features include twin head lamps(35/35W), aero-euro visor, telescopic front, twin Rear suspension system (TFTR), on board clock, etc. Blaze is available with high gloss paint in four colours.

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